Vifly Finder 5V Super Loud Buzzer Tracker

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New V1.2 Version, support 36 Hours beep. Features: - A Working Buzzer after Battery Ejection VIFLY Finder is designed with a built-in battery that gives it the power to sound an alarm even after the quad battery was disconnected. VIFLY Finder charges itself simply by being plugged in. - Much Louder than Standard Buzzer To easily find the crashed quad in long distance, VIFLY Finder is designed to install a very loud beeper that the dB is over 100. - One-Button Operation to Disarm the Buzzer To disarm the buzzer after activation, VIFLY Finder is designed with a button, just hold it for 1-5 seconds. - Adapt to Any Flight Controllers VIFLY finder is programed to be compatible with any model flight controllers. Just connect it to FC and fly it.


Brand Name: Vifly

Item Name: 5V Buzzer for RC Drone - Built-in Battery

Size: 23x13x16mm

Weight: 4g