BBB 3B-R 100 Racing Frame

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Features of Design:

1、Better structure : the frame is the combination of CNC machined Aluminum and carbon fiber, which enhanced the strength of drone during the crash.

2、Less windage resistance: The unique design of former camera and the beaver back provides the pilots much greater horizon. It can also low down the windage resistance during flying and improve the speed.

3、Excellent dynamic system : Assemble the frame with customized small 1105 brushless motor, GEMFAN props. Excellent match brings greater speed and longer battery endurance time ,meet all kinds of requirements.

4、Openable frame design, make it easier to replace accessories.

5、The forerake arm design and less width creates more racing routes during the competition, also it brings greater speed while the drone turning , shorter the required time.

6、We also offered 2 inches props protector for your option, it can not only protect the drone but also ensure the safety of pilots or other people.

7、The unique cutting technology of carbon fiber ensures the strength of the frames.


Basic parameters:
1、CNC-machined metal pillar×3
2、Bottom plate(2mm) x1、Side plate(1mm) x2,  top plate(1mm) x1,Propeller protect edge x4,magic tape x2
3、Motor mounting axis distance: 100mm
4、Empty weight(without propeller protect edge): 14g
5、Flying weight(without battery): 70g


What you will need to complete the drone:
1、Power System: 3B-R 1105 KV6000 brushless motor ×4, Gemfan 2035 3P prop ×4
2、Battery: 2s/3s 450-650mAh
3、ESC/Flight Controller: Tower 10A F3
4、VTX: 5.8G 25mW 40CH(include racing band)
5、Camera:Runcam Micro Swift
6、Receiver:SBUS Mini receiver


Informations for shipping:
Package Szie: 118mm*95mm*33mm
Shipping Weight: 90g