HobbyWing Xrotor 45A BLheli32 Dshot1200 4in1 ESC

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The Hobbywing 4-in-1 XRotor Micro 45A ESC is highly integrated with the latest features & hardware designs, as well as incredibly compact. Featuring 45A (x4) ESCs, BLHeli_32 DShot 1200 support, two built in BECs (5V & 10V), and a voltmeter module that allows the flight controller to monitor battery voltage & amperage in real time. Innovative shock-absorbing structure allows the ESC to utilize rubber grommets for mounting, as well as connection via a soft silicone cable (best connectivity is in conjunction with the Micro F4 G2 Flight Controller). These small touches aid in reducing vibrations to the flight controller. 3rd Generation BLHeli_32 features incredible performance & rich functions that supports adjusting parameters or upgrading firmware via different methods. Supports up to DShot 1200. Specifications: Continuous Current: 45A Input Voltage: 3s-6s LiPo BEC Output: 5V 1.5A & 10V @1.5A Size (LxWxH): 32.7x18.4x6.2mm Supported Firmware: BLHeli_S32 Weight: 11.5g