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Designed with pilots in mind, the Mach 1 Stretch X Frame is the epitome of frame perfection. Whether you're a total beginner or a full time professional racer, this frame is your answer. Never buy another frame as long as you fly. Read on to find out why. 


  • Official MultiGP Spec Class frame
  • Two arm sizes available, 4mm thick - Normal and 5mm thick Race
  • Design is lightweight and durable while also protecting your components
  • 68g Race Arm Weight (includes all hardware)
  • 82g Normal Arm Weight (includes all hardware)
  • Capable of sub-250g race weight
  • High quality carbon and hardware
  • Includes 3D printed accessories including: A camera mount, an FC Protector, and an antenna mount 
  • Silver hardware with knurled standoffs
  • Quickly change or replace arms
  • Stretched-X design and dimensions tested and optimized by professional pilots for the best handling characteristics
  • Two sizes of Silver Knurled standoffs included so you can get your build height as low as possible (25mm and 30mm). Fit standard or micro cameras with ease!
  • Strong carbon: 4mm arms, 3mm base plate, 2mm top plate - crash with confidence!
  • DAMN does that promo-photo look cool or what?!


One of only a few frames available in the MultiGP Spec Racing class, the Mach 1 is an easy pick. Unrivaled versatility, capability, style, and value. And one thing is for sure - you want to be racing with the Mach 1, not against it! 


Like a fighter jet, this frame is versatile. From the ground up, it is built to take you to the racing podium and help you produce freestyle videos like never before. With a minimalist, yet functional and durable design, the Mach 1 cuts down on weight where you don't need it.

With TWO arm choices, Race and Normal, the Mach 1 is perfect for both race day and daily practice. The 8mm Race arms available here and on other frames, while awesome and very fast, simply aren't ideal for day-to-day ripping around the track even considering how easy it is to replace one of the Mach 1's arms. So, we recommend using the Normal arms for your daily practice. Fly confidently and crash with both speed and style knowing your frame can handle the abuse. Without having to worry about broken arms, you will spend more time flying and less time fixing - making you a better pilot and leading to more fun.

Then, when it's time for race day, quickly switch out the Normal arms for the Race arms and turn your daily quad into an absolute beast which lives up to its name - the Mach 1. Capable of total build dry-weights of approximately 250g with the Race arms installed, the Mach 1 is poised for some serious speed. 


The Mach 1 isn't just built for race day or ripping with your buddies - it's built for both. Unlike other frames which feature designs which simply don't protect your valuable camera, FC, PDB, VTX, and RX like they should,  the Mach 1 features ample protection while also being lightweight. Part of the way the Mach 1 is able to protect it's precious cargo is by an isolated stack.  Combine this protection with the ability to change from Normal arms to Race arms in five minutes or less, and you're looking at a lethal combination. 


When we mean lethal, we don’t exactly mean the frame – we mean you. Piloting the Mach 1, you’ll be afforded more practice time and more speed than any of your competition. Are there lighter frames out there? Absolutely… and if you love to build and fix, then maybe those are for you. But, if you love to fly, and you love to do it at Mach 1, then this is the frame for you.


The Mach 1 affords you the ultimate level of flexibility for your build. With two sizes of standoffs included, 25mm and 30mm, you can adjust the height of the frame to suit your build and chosen components. Regardless of which height you choose, the frame is capable of build weights in the 250g depending on chosen components and the build.


4x Normal or Race Arms

1x Base Plate

1x Top Plate

1x 3D Printed Accessory Kit - 1x Camera Mount, 1x Antenna Holder, 1x FC Protector

4x 25mm Knurled Silver Standoffs

4x 30mm Knurled Silver Standoffs

4x 6mm Silver Buttonhead Screw

4x 11mm Silver Buttonhead Screw

4x 14mm Silver Buttonhead Screw

4x Silver M3 Locknut