FPV Racing Drone Motors

Choose the right motor for your Racing Quadcopter

Drone racing is exploding on the world gaming stage. The power and performance of your drone depend on the thrust produced by the drone motor. The motor is a flying drone component that helps in the smooth hovering through Electronic Speed Circuit (ESC).

When it comes to upward propulsion the quadcopter motor must balance motor propulsion direction against the gravitational force. The design is the pivotal determinant of the flight attributes of the drone motor.

Brushless motors are a great choice for use in racing drones due to the absence of wear and tear. The rotations per minute of the motor can achieve peak levels without the negative effects of overheating. FPV Storm is the number one online shop where you can find the right racing drone of your specifications.

How to select the best racing motor for your drone

The perfect mini-quad will depend on your racing expectation of the drone. Achieving the right balance between design and performance expectations is important.

    • • Select a good quality motor with sturdy designs having a titanium shaft and top bearing quality.
    • • The magnets and bells of the motor will determine the power output of the drone motor.
    • • It is better to go with a lightweight build for a racing drone which gives you flexible control during the sharp 90 degree manoeuvres.

Characteristics of top drone racing motors

Drone racing motors should have peak efficiency levels to deliver that extra edge during FPV racing. Brushless motors with high rotational force and greater thrust can deliver fast-paced performance in extreme environments. If the need for maintenance is low then it means more comfort for the user. Drone motors should exhibit a longer life span and durability of the components.

ESC’s are costly components but they make sure that you have superior control on the speed and control dynamics of the drone. This will give you a much-needed advantage in the competitive world of drone FPV racing.

Thrust to weight proportion

A racing drone should have a high power to weight proportion. It is desirable to have a 10:1 P/W ratio. Less thrust means unresponsive movements of the drone to your control signals and absence of smooth flying. Be careful to not overdo it since too high a thrust can launch your copter into uncontrolled trajectories.

Ascertain the vital factors of the racing drone

Torque, power and efficiency are the cornerstones on which the racing drones are designed. Flying efficiency is the main characteristics of a racing drone. At the same time, sufficient thrust should be generated without doing ann overkill on the batteries.

KV of the motor helps you optimally understand the current specifics of the motor concerning the torque produced. It should be noted that motors with high KV need extra current to generate certain torque levels.

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