GnarlyFPV Primo V110X Frame Kit

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The Primo, was designed to take the current 1S and 2S EVEN 3S Brushless whoops guts, and plant them into a frame that pushes the limits of micro FPV. Designed to make the swap as simple and seamless as possible. GnarlyFPV wanted something that could be swapped over in a matter of minutes, with no soldering required. The battery mounts are quick swappable, with 1 M2 screw. Swap from 1S to 2S, to 3S in seconds. Frames are stout, at 2mm's thick. However, as tough as the primo is, it's not indestructible, so replacement frames will be available separately. Each kit will include all hardware needed for a brushless whoop swap. Just add your Brushless whoop guts. Supports 16X16 stacks. Available in 080X and 110X flavors. 

This 110X version does support both 9mm and 8.5mm 4 hole mounting pattern motors.



  • An Insane weight of 10.5 Grams! (Including 2S Mount, and EOS2 Camera) 



  • Primo 110X Frame
  • Full set of 65mm Props
  • Jelly FC Mount 
  • EOS2 Camera Mount
  • AIO Camera Mount
  • Canopy
  • 1S EZ swap mount (450mAh GNB -)
  • 1S X2 (Stick) EZ Swap mount (230 mAh - 333 mAh)
  • 2S (RDQ 300mAh stick) EZ swap mount
  • 2S/3S (300mAh-350mAh GNB)EZ swap mount
  • Hardware

Supports the below models electronics (just add your favorite 4 pattern 110X motor):

  • Eachine Trashcan
  • Mobula7
  • Beta65 pro
  • Beta65 Pro 2
  • Beta65 X
  • Beta75 Pro
  • Beta75 Pro 2
  • UK65
  • US65
  • Snapper 6
  • Snapper 7



  • The Primo Canopy has been updated and will now support the EOS2 Camera, along with the Eachine trashcan VTX while also supporting the Mobula7 AIO Camera. Alternative AIO cameras should fit the canopy with the included camera mount as well. 
  • If using the older Betafpv double stacks OR 16x16 stacks, you'll have to raise the canopy higher to allow for clearance. M2 standoffs will work perfectly.

    Motor wire extensions available as an add on for betafpv motors, and or motors with shorter leads.

    Trashcan VTX adapter sold separately. 

     Have your stack bound to your radio, before the transplant.

    This version is for 110X motors with the 4 hole mounting patterns. Does NOT support three hole mounting pattern motors.